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Chunky Knit Blanket

Regular price $50.00

Our Chunky Knit Blanket is perfect for cozy nights watching TV or with a good book!

Each blanket is beautifully handcrafted!

Small: 32 inches x 32 inches - This size is perfect for movie night. Great for dimming the lights, cozying up under your blanket and watching your favorite flicks.

Medium: 40 inches x 40 inches - This size can be wrapped around you comfortably! Cuddle up and stay warm and comfy all night.

Large: 40 inches x 48 inches - This size is perfect for wrapping yourself up like a burrito...or you could comfortably share with someone else, whichever you prefer.

Extra Large: 40 inches x 51 inches - Need we say more?! This blanket will swallow you up!

Jumbo: 51 inches x 67 inches - This size speaks for itself!